Happy Camper's IKEA rave

 German Scheurich vases 
Peddelton prints
70s folk craft
Morrocan rag rugs
Girl Guides
Romance Was Born a/w 2012

I am so smitten with this look book that all I can say without any incoherent muttering is that it was totally worth the half hour that it took me to get the pictures aligned. But really, the owl print? the DENIM APPLIQUE? The IKEA-ness* of it? The coloured LAME (OMG why has no one ever noticed that you cannot spell 'this word' without an accent, without spelling the word lame or lama? WHAT IS THIS BLOGSPOT CONSPIRACY)? I actually want to start accepting those Scheurich-esque vase and mug gifts from my Great Aunts now. Oh the Power of Fashion. 

*I have an attachment to IKEA, my friend had her birthday party there once, we had a good time eating cupcakes and pretending we lived in the display houses. What can I say, we were (are) three interiors obsessed tweens who enjoy the aesthetic prowess of  scandinavian designed lamps. Yes there were only three people at this party, what of it?



Chen Man covers for i-D Spring 2012



Lady Daydream - Twin Sister

I just want to listen to this song and live in that little house on the cover. That is my life goal. 
With the addition of Prada shoes. And coats. Because this is a fashion blog obvs.

mmm... Sashimi

The Raw Shark Texts.

I read this book about a month ago and it BLEW MY MIND.

The Blurb...
"A man wakes up in terror, choking for air, in an unfamiliar bedroom of an empty house. He had no memories and no sense of his own identity. The licence in his wallet tells him his name is Eris Sanderson. Letters and parcels arrive in careful sequence, signed: the First Eric Sanderson. He accumulates a set of instructions for negotiating this unknown and obscurely dangerous life. He reads his own past and there is t called Clio, who was loved-by him?-and who died. His dreams fill with the memory of loss.
Then the attacks begin. And now, armed with his survival manual and accompanied by a cat called Ian, Eric will set off to find out what it is that's trying to hunt him down and destroy him."

And considering how abstract that was in relation to the actual story, here is an excerpt read by the one and only Tilda Swinton. (This does not contain spoilers)


doo doo doo do, doo doo doo do...

(I have mastered the art of writing sounds)

Mood IV

Opal Cadet by Ellen Von Unwerth - The Face September 1997, Out of this World by Paolo Roversi in Vogue UK April 1994, the National Geographic Society 1974, unknown, Devon Aoki by Paolo Roversi Numero March 1999, detail of Vincent Van Gough's 'Blossoming Almond Tree', Sasha Pivovarova by Miles Aldridge for Numero #63 May 2005, unknown, unknown, the Mosque of Sheihk Zayed by David Yoder in National Geographic, Fashion for Vogue UK 1970 by David Bailey, Japanese release cover art of Jefferson Airplane's 'After Bathing at Baxters' 1967


Comics and such

AMANDA VÄHÄMÄKI: Äitienpäivä (Mothers Day)

 Meirav Shaul: A Nightly Adventure
 published in GLÖMP7

I don't speak Finnish but these are just so damn pretty.

All via KUTIKUTI which kind of sells and showcases a lot of Finnish graphic novels and coolness.


Moonrise Kingdom

this looks amazing.

(the cat at the end? we should be friends.)

'Itty Bitty Kitty Say Whaaat?'

I am not going to lie about my general expectations of Victoria Beckham as a 'personality in today's fast moving society' or how well she designs clothes. They have always been inevitably low. However the printed dresses at Victoria by Victoria Beckham SS12 were cats. And rain clouds. With pleats and petite collars. And every girl with a passion for fashion and way to much time to spend being such a goddam hipster wondering what air is on Tumblr knows that any of the latter attributes make up a dress that is literally ADORABLE. Considering I count myself as having 2 of 3 of those common characteristics, then yes, these dresses are ADORABLE. 

If only the evil retail giants knew of this phenomenon. Sure they've picked up on the permanent pleating and peter pan collar phenomenon, but god help us if they ever discover the power of..


But seriously 'the cat' slapped onto almost any chain store swing dress is an INSTANT WIN! regarding the Transnational Coorporation Global takeover. Combine the 3; pleats, collar and cat, and you have ~MIND CONTROL~. 

I'm not sure why this post on dresses has turned into a kind of globalization rant but I'm sure you have all worked out by now that all my interest in current affairs is generated to cover up my secret (by secret I mean public) love of dressing like a highly advanced 5 year old Tenenbaum. And if you're wondering why I've included a pseudo Miley Cyrus quote in the title, just ask my troubled conscience.